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And I thought the sunshine was a GOOD sign...

(All dressed up and nowhere to go...)

So, my date fell through. :( Johnny got called in to work, and in this economy, I'm not begrudging ANYONE picking up some extra hours and some extra cash.

So, instead, I spent some! XD

I got some beautiful purple flower and paisley patterned calve-length leggings from the Beverly Center, the first issue of the official Star Trek (2009) prequel comic book, and three packs of my elusive makeup wedges. The Walgreens nearest my house has been sold out for over a week and, though they said they upstocked today, they were sold out again by evening! I drove up Atlantic and down Whittier until I came to the next one, and stocked up. I didn't buy them out though, that'd be mean. :P

Came home and watched WALL-E with the family. Cute movie. :) I don't know why handholding fixes memorybanks when you replace a machine's motherboard though. Whatev.  Mostly original robot noises with a smidgen of R2-D2 was greatly appreciated.

DAY OFF TOMORROW! <3  Maybe I'll go see Fanboys...

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I should be asleeeeeeeeep... I'm not. :3

First coworker to be worth really befriending since Chris:


This is Marya <3 She comes from where it actually gets cold, too.  Thus we manage to have much to talk about. Heh!

Heroes 360's got nothin' on this...

The show just manifested in my life in a really weeeeeeeeeeeeird way.

Day before yesterday I came into work and the store layout had been almost completely rearranged.

Here's what I saw when I looked down from the upstairs:

Two racks, moved together.  Considering I had nothing to do with the arrangement...? 

Yeah... kinda eerie.

Ojai Playwrights' Confrence Benefit, Reading and Dinner

Tonight... I think I laughed more tonight in one night than I have in a VERY long time. It was a beautiful evening, picture perfect, really.

I arrived almost right on time, which permitted me to make a fashionable entrance that was not of the late variety. The seats were not assigned, but I managed a very close seat off to the left of the theatre. Being held in a high school auditorium in Ojai (obviously) it was a very intimate event over all. I was able to see every nuance of expression, and when the entire point (aside from supporting the conference) is to enjoy the stagecraft of actors and actresses which most only see on a tiny little box, or a big silver screen, that makes all the difference. It disappoints me to know I missed out on some excellent theatre, not being aware of Neil Patrick Harris' stage career until recently.

The theme this year was "Show me the Money", appropriate for a fund raising event, and all the scenes selected for reading had a monetary theme. My personal favorites were "Medea", because of the deliberate over-acting on everyone's part as they parodied the Greek tragedy of the same name, and a segment in which Neil Patrick Harris caricatured our former President Bush, and Quinto served as his on-his-last-nerve aide. It was an exceptional experience to see Dick Van Dyke in "Death of a Salesman", and there was a particularly interesting piece, the title of which I can't recall at this particular moment, but I'll update when I can drag myself back to the car and get my programme, with some very interesting points to make about money and art. Zachary Quinto was wonderfully sympathetic in that scene.

The final segment had everyone in stitches. A piece set in France, the entire ensemble adopted ridiculous French accents, every man and woman, EXCEPT Dick Van Dyke, which really added to the hilarity, rather than detract. For the most part, throughout each scene, the performers managed to remain in character and not chuckle all too much, but this one beat them. ZQ must have spent a majority of the thing, curled up on his stool, hiding his face in his cardigan. Think Bella Lugosi's Dracula in grandpa glasses.

The dinner afterward was fabulous. A blue cheese and candied walnut salad, steamed vegetables and salmon with a carrot souffle that tasted like pumpkin pie, and apple pie a la mode for dessert. Add to that a fantastic live band and the fact that they actually left space for a dance floor, and very attractive waitstaff (the man serving wine looked like Michael C. Hall in grandpa glasses. He has my number, and I hope he calls!) not to mention the most entertaining live auction I've been to! Magic tricks by NPH, serenades of "New York, New York" by ZQ (who threw in a pair of Trek premiere tickets to sweeten the pot on one of the items!) It was fantastic.

I met some wonderful girls to dine with, too, which was good because I was flying solo and there was quite a bit of grey hair there, too. A lot of slacks and shawls, a lot of stately grey and black. In bleach blonde hair and a slinky red dress I was certainly the bell of the ball! The girls and I managed to inspire some of those ol' moneybags to come out and dance for a while even. At the end of the night ZQ nearly bowled me over on the dance floor, as he performed this very strange sort of shoulder-wiggle spazz out that was entirely too adorable.

Now I just wait on that phone call from Johnny, and hope Chloe answers mine!


Fanfic: Thanatos Incarnate

Title: Thanatos Incarnate

Characters: (Gabriel) Sylar, Claire

Word Count: 1,326

Warnings: Spoilers for 03.04 “I am Become Death” Graphic violence, blood, gore, and torture.



Go on if it makes you soar...Collapse )


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